Unique Places To Study In Ottawa

Now you’re studying in Ottawa and hitting the books can seem to be quite the task. No need to fear any boredom while deciphering gerunds and infinitives; that’s because Ottawa is home to an abundance of great study places and hidden gems.

Here’s a list of unique must-see places to cram for those ESL exams.

The Ministry of Coffee

Get your phrasal verbs a poppin’ at this little coffee shop! They serve amazing coffee and the vibes are just right so whether you’re going there to study or socialize, you’ll definitely enjoy it.

The Ministry of Coffee


Major’s Hill Park

Where: Downtown- Mackenzie Ave

This space is better during the warmer months but when there are no events going on, this is a really chill place to study. There’s always people around so whenever you need a little study break, you can chat it up with local passersby!

Majors Hill Park


Black Squirrel Books and Espresso Bar

Where: 1073 Bank St.

Your hot coffee is served in a mason jar and the shop is honestly so adorable. You probably won’t even feel like you’re studying so don’t get too distracted!

Black Squirrel Books and Espresso Bar


Life of Pie

Where: 1134 Bank St.

Pie made from scratch while you study?! Sign me up! And if you’re crazy enough to not be a fan of pie, they have a whole menu of other delicious options.

Life of PIe

Raw Pulp and Grind

Where: 440 Preston St.

This place is lively and the music is great. The patio out back is a great space to study in peace. The food is also to die for, and it’s super healthy!

Raw Pulp and Grind


The Tea Party

Where: 119 York St.

Tea to help you relax and get in the zone while you study, what else could you ask for! The food is also great this place is definitely a go to study place.

The Tea Party


Don’t forget to take care of yourself: Sleep, eat, get out with friends, meet new people!

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