The Only School in the World

CLLC is the only school in the world that created an Award to improve the international education industry. Visit the CPIEA website for more information about how they work and how they help shape the international education industry.

The Foundation of CPIEAs

Since 2007, Aly Rajab the founder and chairman of CLLC, has been convinced that the international education industry, specifically the language sector, needed a framework to differentiate the good from the great to help shape the industry’s future.

Aly had always believed that international recruiters and agencies have been a crucial link in bringing international students overseas, so he decided that the framework had to serve them, be free of charge to apply and win, but with a rigorous application process, and would enhance any applicant’s integrity.

Winning The CPIEA is a Victory

Two-Milestone Plan

In 2008, he approached a few industry leaders to help create such an award framework to help standardize and improve the international educational agency business worldwide. However, support remained limited, allowing Aly the freedom to create an awards framework that he knew would best serve international agencies.
The following year, Aly’s dream to enhance the quality of the international education industry pushed him to go even further, leading him to outline a two-milestone plan covering the following two decades.

CLLC - Innovation with Integrity

In 2010, CLLC became the Innovator Sponsor for the first-decade milestone. As CLLC was directly involved in the sponsorship, it allowed it to operate within the awards. The independent judging panel are business leaders who have no involvement in the international education industry. As the Innovator Sponsor, CLLC began implementing promotional award strategies and promoting the first CPIEA’s worldwide (initially named “PABA’s”). In addition, this was the launching year of CLLC’s new slogan; “CLLC-Innovation with Integrity.”

CPIEAs Community

From 2012 to 2022, the CPIEA’s awarded 65 agencies. They accomplished the first milestone, bringing to the industry a community of quality agencies who will support the second-milestone. This second-milestone includes awarding another 120 quality agencies over the following ten years. From 2022 to 2032, the CPIEAs will have expanded its community to 185 quality agencies by the end of the second-milestone.

CPIEAs Mission

The CPIEA’s seek to gain a larger community and a more robust industry presence. Their mission consists of a wave of game-changing products and academic programs to help shape the winners’ future and the entire industry. The CPIEAs take pride in their history and how far the awards have come. From first recognizing a need to now continually celebrating the global impact of agencies worldwide, the CPIEA’s remain dedicated to making the students journey a memorable one.

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