University Pathway Program

Students who complete the UPP at any of our campuses can continue onto one of our partner universities or colleges without writing an English language proficiency exam.


Application Fee

$100 CAD

E-Book Fee

$ 150 CAD



PATHWAY 1Complete Pathway 1 online and continue to one of CLLC’s partner colleges that require a 6.0 IELTS equivalent.
PATHWAY 2Complete Pathway 2 and continue to one of CLLC’s partner colleges and universities that require a 6.5 IELTS equivalent.

Our pathway programs give international students experience with Canadian college and university curriculum style, an understanding of Professors’ expectations, and a chance to ask questions about college and university life in Canada. During the pathway program students prepare for college and university by completing a number of college and university level assignments. The class environment is similar to a college or university setting. Students do group presentations, have seminar style classes, complete research assignments, do in class writing, and much more. Our pathway program ensures students are well prepared for college and university life in Canada. This academic-based program focuses on time management, note-taking, exam preparation, academic presentations, and essay writing. 


Students take a placement assessment (interview and written test) on the first day to determine their English level. Most students will need to do some time in our General English Intensive Program before beginning our Pathway Programs. Students can enter our Pathway 1 directly if they have an overall Academic IELTS score of 5.5 with no band below 5.0. Students can enter our Pathway 2 directly if they have an overall Academic IELTS score of 6.0 with no band below 5.5.


IntroductionLevel 1
BasicLevel 2
IntermediateLevel 3
High IntermediateLevel 4
Pre-AdvancedLevel 5
AdvancedLevel 6
University Pathway Program - UPPLevel 7


Course OptionsCourse DaysTime (EST/EDT)Class
Option 1Mon - Fri7:15am - 12:15pm Pathway 1 & 2
Option 2Mon - Fri8:30am - 2:00pmPathway 2

• Courses start on Mondays, except last Monday of the year.
• School is closed on National Holidays. For example, if Monday is a holiday the school will open on Tuesday.
• Schedule and Programs can change from campus to campus.
• Friday Pathway modules is replaced with a weekly Graduation Ceremony.
• Class times may differ due to campus enrolment and other needs.
• Students must be in Level 6 to start Pathway 1.
• Students must complete Level 6 to start Pathway 2.
• Pathway 1 & 2 are sold as 10 week blocks.
• Please contact us to inquire about our current student discounts and promotions.

University Pathway Program

Pathway 1: $240 CAD/week

Pathway 2: $360 CAD/week

Course Features


Hours: 25/week


Lessons: 33/week


Start Date: (Any Monday)


Length of Course: 10 weeks


Group Levels: Advanced


Maximum # of Students: 15


Weekly Assignment & Tests: YES

homework (1)

Homework: YES


E-Book: Yes (2 ebooks/program)

We have different online placement tests for different programs. Please Contact one of our Team to create an online placement test account and schedule a test in the coming days.