CLLC4U Philosophy

Care | Observant | Respect | Empathy

The CLLC4U Philosophy creates a sense of belonging for every single student.

It is based on 4 CORE Values:

• Care
• Observant
• Respect
• Empathy

These create the foundation for what we do and how we do it - from the very first contact, to the student's arrival, to their graduation, we strive to provide the best academic experience possible.

This experience isn't just about travelling overseas to learn English, but it's an opportunity to grow culturally, emotionally and socially. It nurtures ethics and integrity in a supportive and caring environment.

CLLC4U Philosophy is a fundamental part of this process and is interwoven throughout the student's time with us.


CLLC takes care of you by providing all the essential paperwork to ease your transition into Canadian life. Here’s what we do for you:


• We check our emails and social media regularly to help answer any questions quickly and provide sincere advice to help you make your decision.
• After registering, we welcome you with your Letter of Acceptance (LOA)and Invoice.
• Before you arrive, we will email you the Arrival and First Day packages along with your Homestay Profile, if needed.


We want to ensure that your arrival is perfect.
We do this by:
• Ensuring CLLC’s airport pick-up service is there awaiting you. If your flight is delayed, don’t worry. CLLC’s pick-up service will watch your flight.
• Ensuring the quality of your homestay through our Quality Assurance Rating System (QARS).
• Once you arrive at your campus our team will be waiting for you with warm smiles.
• CLLC’s team will make you feel comfortable and you will notice how kind and lovely they are.


CLLC’s team is dedicated to helping you with your academic, administrative and personal needs. They’ll observe, monitor and guide you in your academic journey with a structured curriculum and regular “check-ins”, and are always available to help ease your transition into Canadian life.


• Generally, you’ll spend 10 weeks in one level for General English. In this time, you’ll develop the skills to be successful in your next level – Write a Move Up test at anytime (once per level). Write it on a Friday and receive your mark by the next Friday.
• Every Friday you’ll have a class test. This weekly test gives you the chance to practice, check your progress, and apply what you’ve learned that week.
• At the beginning of each month, you will receive your monthly report for the previous month of study (e.g., September reports are given in October).
• Mid-Term student meeting to ensure success.
• Supporting your research to find a university for your post-secondary studies.


CLLC’s administration will help you with any personal needs you have:
• Transit passes, bus schedules and routes from and to your accommodations.
• Medical Insurance questions, doctor and dentist appointments.
• Cell phone plans, shopping options and banking services.
• CLLC’s social activities to help you practice your English in a safe and fun environment.
• Reminders about Study Permit end dates (for extensions).
• By supporting you through academic, administrative and personal help, we create a sense of belonging for every single student, just like you.


Regardless of your study goals, whether for university entrance, professional development or personal growth, your international education journey has a timeline and goals that must be discussed and respected. Therefore, CLLC’s academic team creates individualized Goal Setting Plans for every student. These plans will achieve your timeline and your academic goals.
Here’s how it’s set up:

• On your first day of school, you’ll have an interview with the Academic Manager, after you finish writing a placement test to determine your level.
• During your interview with the Academic Manager, you’ll inform CLLC of your study goals, whether for academic, professional or personal reasons.
• You will be given a Goal Setting Plan, to ensure that all your teachers can customize your assignments to complete your program with a timeline to achieve your goals.
• You will have a mid-term meeting with the Academic Manager, who will review your Goal Setting Plan with you to ensure you are on track.
• This level of follow up will continue throughout your time at CLLC to make sure that your timeline and goals are being respected.
• We respect your voice, so CLLC’s doors are always open. Feel free to speak with your teacher, or other staff members, at any time.


Empathy is one of CLLC’s expert team core values. Once in your classes you can expect lively discussions, fun group work, challenging individual assignments, and interesting lessons. Our empathy is the corner stone behind our slogan: “Inspiring Lives. One Student at a Time.”


Here are just a few of the things that CLLC’s teachers do to ensure your success:
• Provide individualized lesson plans for those who have academic challenges.
• Have formal and informal meetings to discuss your personal situation if you are missing classes.
• Provide chances to work to your strengths and work on your weaknesses.
• Create an atmosphere of cooperative learning to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to participate in their classes.
• Modifying lessons for those who have mental or physical challenges.


Part of the CLLC experience is enjoying the little touches that are provided.
These include:
• Warm weekly graduations
• Monthly student awards
• Celebrating birthdays away from home
• Making hospital visits
• Personalized cards and wishes on special occasions
• Supporting homesick student by following our “Feel-Check-Do” process

We have different online placement tests for different programs. Please Contact one of our Team to create an online placement test account and schedule a test in the coming days.