5 Things you will love about Halifax and more…

5 Things you will love about Halifax and more…

Are you planning to move to Halifax? This is so excited! There are many reasons that will make you want to live there…

  1. Longest Downtown Waterfront Boardwalks in the world. You’ll also find there special events such as beach volleyball tournaments and concerts.

The Halifax Waterfront is a bustling hotspot in the city. With one of the world’s longest urban boardwalks spanning the length of the waterfront for 4 kilometers (2.5 miles), from Pier 21 at the Halifax Seaport to Casino Nova Scotia it is easy to spend a day exploring here.

  1. Did you know that Halifax is home to the First Public school in Canada and the First Law School and Art college?

Saint John High School is the oldest public high school in Canada and is steeped in many traditions.

The Schulich School of Law is the law school of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Founded in 1883 as Dalhousie Law School, it is the oldest university-based common law school in Canada.

  1. In Halifax there is the most visited National Historic Site in Canada… …and Canada’s oldest urban park

One Of Canada’s Most Visited National Historic Sites … If you’ve ever been to Halifax, you have probably seen the Citadel.

The Halifax Common, in local popular usage often referred to as the Commons, is a Canadian urban park in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is Canada’s oldest urban park.

  1. Halifax is the First all-electric city lights in North America…and the First official rules for ice hockey!

Electric street lights appeared in 1886, and by 1890 Halifax was the first city in North America to be lighted completely by electricity. The Dominion Telegraph Company operated a telephone service for 25 subscribers in 1879.

Canada made important contributions to the game from the 1870s on. By the early 20th century, “Canadian rules” had reshaped the sport.

  1. Halifax, the First seat of democratic government in Canada (1758)

The first elected assembly in what is now Canada was held in Halifax in 1758. (See also: Nova Scotia: The Cradle of Parliamentary Democracy.) Prince Edward Island had an elected assembly in 1773, New Brunswick in 1784 and Newfoundland in 1832. Upper and Lower Canada received assemblies in 1791.

Halifax is home to so many things and the First in so many areas!



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