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Understanding languages and cultures helps resolve the fear and uncertainty that characterizes many human conflicts on our planet. In addition, those who work in international language education maintain a professional optimism and insight around globalization and, therefore, the prospects for peace and unity.

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A Choice That Makes The Difference.


CLLC is a leading independent Canadian language school with approximately 20 years of history.


CLLC's 4U Philosophy ensures students are treated with the highest professionalism, care and friendliness.


CLLC is proud to be the only school in the world that innovated the CPIEA Awards to help shape the international education industry.

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Our Awards

CLLC has been recognized for its excellence in education, student experience and best business practices

Noth America Winner Award


North America - 2023
ST Star Award
GBI Magazine Award

Best Online English Language School

Canada - 2023
GBI Magazine
North America Award

Best Boutique Educational Facility

Canada - 2023
AI B2B Media ltd

Gold Award
Schools in Halifax

CLLC Halifax - 2021
Top Choice Award


North America - 2022
ST Star Award

Students Choice
Certificate of Excellence

CLLC Ottawa - 2019
Education Star Awards

Best Language School in Canada

CLLC Toronto - 2019
Education Star Awards

Students Choice
Certificate of Excellence

CLLC Halifax - 2019
Education Star Awards

Silver Award

Business of the Year - 2015
Halifax Business Awards

The Only School in the World

Innovated the CPIEA Awards to improve the international education industry

Gold Award

Small Business of the Year - 2008 Halifax Business Awards


Entrepreneur of the year-2008
Ernst & Young

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UPP Certificate of Completion

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