Unique Places To Study In Ottawa

Now you’re studying in Ottawa and hitting the books can seem to be quite the task. No need to fear any boredom while deciphering gerunds and infinitives; that's because Ottawa is home to an abundance of great study places and hidden gems.  Here's a list of unique must see places to cram for those ESL [...]

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3 Tips For Studying English Abroad

Moving to a new city, country or continent is an exciting time for students. However, the excitement is often coupled with worry, anxiety, stress or even frustration. It is especially challenging when you’re moving to place where your native language is not spoken and the customs and culture is quite different from your own. It [...]

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2 Easy Ways to Build Your English Confidence

Has it been your dream to study English abroad since you were a child? Is your dream becoming a reality? Are you preparing to study English in Canada?  It can be quite overwhelming when you first arrive in a new country, especially when you don't speak the native language of that country. You probably studied [...]

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2 Reasons Why CLLC’s Homestay is Great

Hi! My name is Maya Modzynski, I am the Homestay and Activities Counsellor here at CLLC Toronto. I first began working for CLLC in the beginning of Summer 2017. When I started, I felt scared about being in a brand new place with brand new people; it made me very nervous! I felt unsure of [...]

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