3 Tips For Studying English Abroad

3 Tips For Studying English Abroad

Moving to a new city, country or continent is an exciting time for students. However, the excitement is often coupled with worry, anxiety, stress or even frustration. It is especially challenging when you’re moving to place where your native language is not spoken and the customs and culture is quite different from your own. It may all seem so overwhelming, but the experience vastly outweighs the negatives. The possibilities of growth are endless when you travel. You learn valuable life lessons that will shape your outlook on life and you gain strength and resilience you never knew you had!

Don’t panic, try the following tips to make your journey to a new land an exciting, memorable and stress free experience!

1. Meet new people! Make friends!

It is so important to get out of your bubble and make friends with new people. Going to a new city provides you with an opportunity to make connections with individuals from around the world. Your school is the best place to meet new people. The shared experience of being away from home allows students at school to connect with other students and make life long friendships. Making friends with people from around the world will also improve your English skills. It’s so important to have fun and really take in your surroundings. It makes the experience worthwhile and motivates you to try new things.

2. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Practice makes perfect! Speaking English whenever and wherever you can will allow you to become fluent faster! Don’t be shy! Make mistakes! You’ll learn from those mistakes and improve faster. Fortunately, being in an English speaking country your opportunities to practice will be endless! Make friends with students from around the world. It will push you to work harder to learn English. Also, you’ll have friends to visit in different countries around the world!

3. Maintain close relationships with loved ones back home!

Stay in touch with family and friends back home. Staying connected will help ease the distance between you and your loved ones. They’ll be excited to witness your growth and hear about all your amazing new adventures. You can also teach them your recently acquired English skills and use it as an opportunity to share knowledge. Most importantly, they can offer you support on days you really need it! Staying connected to loved ones also eases with reverse culture shock.

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