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Have you ever faced a difficult decision that required you to leave everything behind and start afresh? That's precisely what I did in 2004 when I chose to pursue my Executive MBA program at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I had a successful career in a renowned global Saudi company where I led a team of 2000+ people, but I knew deep down that I wanted more.

My decision to leave my dream job and start a new life in Canada was guided by a simple yet powerful question: "How much is too much?" I realized that I didn't want to settle for a comfortable life when there was so much more out there to explore and achieve. Despite the fear of leaving behind my family and the challenges of starting a new life in a foreign country, I took the leap of faith.

As I embarked on my study abroad experience, I discovered a passion for helping others and a desire to create a community of like-minded individuals who shared this vision. That's when I decided to establish CLLC, a language school that would provide international students with the opportunity to learn English and immerse themselves in Canadian culture.

But CLLC was more than just a language school. It was a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and excellence. We created an environment where students from all over the world could come together, learn from each other, and grow as individuals. We emphasized the importance of cultural exchange and encouraged our students to explore the beauty of Canada while sharing their own unique perspectives with others.

Once I established CLLC, I realized that the fear of missing my biological family could be turned into an opportunity to innovate CLLC's culture. I wanted to create a Canadian family consisting of CLLC's team members who could support each other and work together to provide our students with the best possible experience.

That's when I came up with our vision, "We delight our team to wow our students." We wanted to be more than just a school; we wanted to be a family of caring professionals who knew each of our students and their stories and worked together to create a welcoming environment.

Today, our family has over 250 years of cumulative international education and customer service experience. Our success has been built on two core values: professionalism and care. At CLLC, we believe that these two values are not mutually exclusive, and we work hard to capture them both in everything we do.

Over the years, our commitment to developing and enhancing our culture has been recognized with numerous awards and recognitions. We are proud to have created a culture that not only supports our team members but also helps our students thrive. The CPIEA awards, which I innovated in 2012 to help shape the international education industry, will always be CLLC's competitive advantage.

But what truly speaks to the impact of our culture are the kind words and high ratings from our students, employees, and partners on Google Reviews. They overwhelm us with their appreciation and speak highly of our culture and why CLLC is the right choice for anyone looking to learn and grow.

At CLLC, we believe that education is not just about learning; it's about creating a community of individuals who inspire and empower each other to reach their full potential. So, why CLLC? Because we believe in the power of education, the beauty of diversity, and the importance of creating a community that thrives on professionalism, care, and excellence.



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8 Cornerstones

It is very rare to find these two positive core values in one place. CLLC managed to make this happen.

Over 20 years, CLLC has welcomed thousands of students from over 90 countries to its campuses. Last year alone, CLLC enrolled students from 60 different countries.

The CLLC4U Philosophy is based on 4 C.O.R.E. Values, which lie at the heart of CLLC's culture. It's the foundation for the attention students receive before, during, and after their time at CLLC, and it's the philosophy that CLLC staff live by every day.

CLLC is the only school in Canada that has three campuses in Halifax, Toronto and Ottawa.

CLLC caring teachers are highly qualified with years of experience and Bachelor and Master's degrees in EAL teaching.

With Online, Blended and Onsite study options and various shifts, CLLC offers students the ultimate flexibility.

CLLC's Pathway partners allow students to choose from hundreds of post-secondary study options.

CLLC is recognized by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and has DLI #'s for Ontario and Nova Scotia, as well as being accredited with Languages Canada and member of Edunova.

Student Well-Being

At CLLC, nothing is more important than a student’s well-being.

Leaving home is exciting, but there are also many challenges. It’s not easy being away from home, speaking a new language, living in a different culture and trying to make new friends. CLLC’s staff knows what this feels like, as most of them have had this experience. CLLC staff understand there’s a lot to learn; the culture, food, the health care system, living arrangements, transit details, and the list goes on and on.

That’s why CLLC’s team guides students through their home away from home. We start by providing a detailed orientation that teaches all about Canadian culture and will answer all questions about life in a new country. All campus teams have an “open door” policy. This means they’re always available if students need them. We guarantee their approachability from the first moment through the doors.

Finally, each campus creates a family feeling by recognizing outstanding students, celebrating birthdays, having potlucks, sending flowers to students who are sick, and inviting alumni to school activities. We hope everyone is proud to attend CLLC. We belong to something greater than a school.

We belong to a family.

6 Key Student Services

All CLLC campuses provide students with specialized services and support. CLLC’s staff is an excellent mix of enthusiastic Canadian and international people who all share a connection to international travel, work and education. CLLC’s team welcomes students like you from around the world and helps facilitate positive and successful experiences. Your time at CLLC not only improves student education, it changes student lives!

Every new student to CLLC enjoys a full morning of learning about CLLC and everything it has to offer them. Details are provided about daily schedules, activities, transportation, and much more.

Every new student to CLLC also enjoys an interview and the chance to test their language skills in a written test to ensure they're put in the right level.

CLLC's Activity program helps you improve your English in a fun and relaxed environment. CLLC Activities take place seven days a week and are led by a dedicated CLLC staff member.

CLLC has an "open door" policy, and staff are always ready to lend an ear. Whether issues are academic or personal, CLLC staff are always happy to sit down, listen, and help where possible.

At CLLC you can live in a homestay, or on your own. CLLC's Homestay staff can help you explore the homestay option to ensure your accommodations in Halifax, Ottawa, and Toronto.

CLLC's Admissions team can help you enrol and ensure you receive all the information to start your course smoothly on a suitable date to graduate on time.

We have different online placement tests for different programs. Please Contact one of our Team to create an online placement test account and schedule a test in the coming days.