How to Improve Our English Skills in Canada

How to Improve Our English Skills in Canada

So, we move to a new country and everything feels, looks, sounds, and tastes different than our home!  Sometimes we can feel lonely and lost.  Sometimes people can’t understand what we say.  Sometimes we just want to hide and never speak to anyone again!  These feelings are normal.  It is important to remember that everyone feels this way when they move to a new country!  The best ways to feel comfortable again are also the most difficult things to do; make friends and use your English outside of school.

When we move to Canada to learn English, we have a wonderful opportunity to meet many new people and to be immersed in English!  First, there are many students in our school who know exactly how we feel because they are in the same situation as us!  Every student feels uncomfortable and shy when they first come to Canada.  The same as you!  On our first day of school, there will probably be other new students.  Ask your new classmate a question about the weather, the teacher, or where they are from.  This will break the ice and make both of us feel more comfortable!  If we do this with two, three, or four other students, then we will quickly have people that we can talk with everyday. Very soon, these other new students will become our friends in the classroom and outside of the school!  If we make friends with students from other countries, we must use English to talk to them!  This is good!  The more we can use English, the more quickly and more deeply we will improve our skills!  Also, when our skills improve, we will feel more comfortable in the city and it will be easier to speak with Canadians!  What a wonderful opportunity to make friends, improve English, and enjoy our new life!

Melissa Martin

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