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CLLC’s 20th Anniversary: How Can We Celebrate, When so Many are in Need!

April 30, 2024

Building Resilient Communities: Drawing Inspiration from Turkey to Canada  Today, we confront a housing crisis that has seen thousands of Canadians struggle to secure adequate housing, despite gainful employment and mental well-being.Post-COVID-19 inflation, inadequate housing supply, national and international investors, all amplified …

A Victory of Justice

February 24, 2024

CLLC’s Partnership with Jerome Morse Leads to Significant Settlement In the dynamic and intricate world of Toronto’s legal landscape, the successful partnership between Jerome Morse and the CLLC stands as a beacon of perseverance and legal prowess. Jerome Morse, a …

Joint Press Release from CLLC & CPIEAs

May 28, 2023

Toronto – May 28, 2023 The 2023 CPIEAs (Canadian Premier International Education Awards) judging panel announced the winners of the gold, silver, and bronze awards in four different categories: New Agency of the Year, Small Agency of the Year, Medium-Sized …

Hosting vs. Airbnb

May 26, 2023

Hosting a Paid International Student vs. Renting on Airbnb Written by: Aly Rajab As a host family, you may be considering renting out your spare room on Airbnb to earn some extra income. While renting on Airbnb can be a …

Learn English Speaking

August 24, 2021

Learn English Speaking Is speaking particularly difficult for you? There are many ways to practice your speaking skills specifically. Conversation Circles are a great way to practice speaking with other people in a casual setting. Many community centres, religious buildings, …

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