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Learn English Speaking

August 24, 2021

Learn English Speaking Is speaking particularly difficult for you? There are many ways to practice your speaking skills specifically. Conversation Circles are a great way to practice speaking with other people in a casual setting. Many community centres, religious buildings, …

Jobs in Toronto

September 19, 2019

Jobs in Toronto Whether you are currently studying English, or you are finished your program and looking for work, Toronto is a great place to be. Toronto is the economic heart of Canada, and in a city of over 2.8 …

Best Jobs in Canada by CLLC

September 19, 2019

Best Jobs in Canada by CLLC Canada is a growing country that allows lots of room for personal development and growth! Canada is consistently rated highly in various international rankings for development, quality of life and education, making it a …

Study English in Toronto

September 19, 2019

Study English in Toronto There are many alternatives to studying English in a traditional class setting, and Toronto is filled with opportunities to learn English in a unique way outside of school. One way to study English in Toronto is …

English Courses in Toronto

September 19, 2019

English Courses in Toronto English classes in Toronto come in a wide variety of options. You can register for general English, business English, English for university preparation, ability test preparation (for assessments such as TOEFL or IELTS), occupation-specific training, or …

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