CLLC guarantees student satisfaction by offering the following:

  • Our own internally managed homestay program which offers the same price in Ottawa and Halifax.

  • Over 500 diverse, well-qualified, and experienced homestay families in our 2 cities.

  • Problem resolution to all problems within 48 hours through CLLC’s Total Quality Management System(TQM) with careful consideration to student needs. We change families free of charge.

  • All financial homestay matters are handled internally in order to encourage a positive relationship between students and their homestay families.

  • A Quality Assurance Rating System (QARS) that ensures a smart match.

Quality Assurance Rating System

If students need to change their homestay, we implement QARS which offers them a homestay with the highest rating in their desired areas. This allows us to provide the best homestay environment for each individual student.
The six categories of QARS are:

  • Quality of food
  • Cleanliness of the home
  • Distance to school
  • Cultural sensitivity of the family members
  • Family interaction
  • Luxuriousness of the home


As an alternative to homestay, students have the option of living in residence style accommodations.

Residences include: single and twin rooms, common areas, shared washrooms, and 24 hour security.

Residences are offered in all CLLC cities, however, due to limits on availability this option must be booked at least two months in advance.

Please feel free to contact Mike at or Laura at for more information.