English Immersion in Homestay

English Immersion in Homestay

Immerse yourself into Canadian culture and the English language by living in a homestay. In the homestay program, you get to live with a Canadian family which will help you to practice your English after class! Dinner is a great time to have a conversation with your homestay host over a hot meal. You can tell them about what you learned that day, have discussions about the news or whatever you are interested in! These casual conversations are a great way practice your listening and speaking without pressure. Participating in conversations and activities with your homestay host helps to build your vocabulary as well as your overall experience in Canada.

In addition to developing your listening and speaking skills, CLLC’s homestay hosts will help new students feel comfortable when they arrive in Canada. Homestay hosts support you while you study English at CLLC by orienting you to the area, providing home cooked meals and a comfortable place to sleep. By participating in the homestay program, you can build long lasting relationships with your host and many students stay in contact with their “Canadian family” over the years. Some homestay hosts might have two or more students at once, and this is a great opportunity to practice English, learn about new cultures and make friends from all over the world! CLLC’s homestay program provides students with a fully immersive English learning experience with they study abroad in Canada.

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