Yes, CLLC is currently accepting applications from students of all English proficiency levels and backgrounds for our English language study programs.

A Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) is an official document issued by a province confirming a student's acceptance into a designated learning institution. It is required for international students' study permit applications for programs longer than 24 weeks.

To be eligible for a PAL, you must be enrolled in a study program at CLLC lasting longer than 24 weeks.

To receive a PAL, you must make full payment for a minimum of 24 weeks of study. Please refer to our refund policy for further details.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to obtain a PAL:
- Apply for a program with a duration exceeding 24 weeks at CLLC.
- Receive your Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and an invoice from CLLC.
- Make the full payment for at least 24 weeks of study.
- CLLC will then issue your PAL, after which you can proceed to apply for your visa.

The PAL is valid for a limited time. It is recommended to apply for your visa immediately after obtaining your PAL to avoid expiration. Please note that the PAL expiration date may vary from one province to another. For the exact duration of the PAL's validity, please verify with your visa consultant or our team as the PAL process is tied to the study permit application for which it was issued.

- Plan a timeline for your study permit application:
- Start by considering the validation dates for both the Province Attestation Letter (PAL) and the study permit to ensure timely submission and validity.
- Determine the time needed to prepare all required documents for the study permit application.
- Consider the average processing time for the issuance of the study permit.
- Set the endpoint as the intended start date of your course.

Upon payment of the non-refundable application fee and full payment for a minimum of 24 weeks of study, CLLC will request the student to sign a consent form. CLLC will then provide confirmation along with each PAL application. Once student receives the PAL, the student can proceed to apply for their study permit.

You are required to make a full payment for non refundable application fee and at least 24 weeks of study to be issued a PAL.

Yes, you can study at CLLC without a PAL if your intended study duration is less than 24 weeks, or if you are studying under a tourist visa.

If your study permit application is denied, you cannot reuse the same PAL for a subsequent application attempt. According to CLLC's refund policy, students are eligible for an 80% refund of the paid tuition. The remaining payment may be used as a credit toward the new application. However, the balance of the tuition must be paid upfront before a new PAL is issued. Please note that CLLC reserves the right to decline the issuance of a new PAL following an initial denial.

You do not need a new PAL to extend your visa if you already have a study permit.

Receiving a PAL does not guarantee a Study Permit. The final approval for a Study Permit is determined by Immigration Canada based on their evaluation of your complete application.

Please refer to our refund policy in the Student Contract for information on refunds in the event you requested a refund which is updated to the following:
Refund Policy Before First Day at CLLC:
- Visa Refusal (Refusal letter must be provided) – 80% of tuition fees
- Any other reason (14 days or more) – 80% of tuition fees
- Any other reason (13 days or less) – 60% of tuition fees

- Visa Refusal (Refusal letter must be provided) – 80% of remaining tuition fees
- Up to 10% of current student invoice completed - 50% of remaining tuition fees
- 11% – 30% of current student invoice completed – 30% of remaining tuition fees
- 31% or more of current student invoice completed – No refund

You can contact CLLC campus directors for guidance, who may direct you to the IRCC website for information. Additionally, you can consult an immigration consultant for further assistance regarding the PAL process or study permit application.

We have different online placement tests for different programs. Please Contact one of our Team to create an online placement test account and schedule a test in the coming days.