Why Should You Choose to Learn English in Toronto with CLLC?

Why Should You Choose to Learn English in Toronto with CLLC?

If you’re looking for the ideal place to learn English in Canada, then we’ve got you covered! We invite international students from all across the globe to learn English in Canada with CLLC.

If you’re an international student looking to continue your studies in Canada, then learning English as a second language holds immense importance for you. English is not only a universal language, but it has also been declared as the official language of some of the most vibrant and popular countries, such as Canada, United States, United Kingdom, England, and New Zealand. Furthermore, some of the top institutes and education systems all around the world also use English as the primary communication language and the language in which most lectures are given. Learning English as a second language would certainly give you the opportunity to study at some of the most prestigious education systems in the world.

CLLC aims to assist international students from all across the globe with high standards of language education services. Our highly experienced and skilled staff is ready to go out of their way to ensure the optimum learning experience for our students.

Why Should You Choose to Learn English in Canada with CLLC for International Students?

CLLC not only assists students with the best ESL teaching services in Canada but also helps them comfortably settle in the vibrant cites, such as Toronto, Halifax and Ottawa. We have developed a social plan for our students that not only complements the English learning program but also helps our students appreciate their stay in Canada.

If you decide to learn English in with CLLC, then you should be aware of the fun and exciting experience that awaits you.

  • 150 Years’ Worth of Experience

CLLC has 150 years’ worth of experience to prove our staff’s excellence in the field of ESL teaching. Our highly skilled staff and qualified teachers aim to entertain our students with the optimum learning experience. We also ensure that our students also grow together with the CLLC family. In these past years, we’ve seen our students grow, move to bugger homes, achieve success in their professional lives, and comfort each other in their difficult days.

  • The Special CLLC Culture

At CLLC, our staff, teachers, and students follow the unique CLLC culture which superimposes the slogan “How much is too much?” With the help of such encouraging words, we aim to keep our students motivated to achieve excellence in both their personal as well as professional lives.

  • Professional & Caring Staff

If you plan to learn English with CLLC for international students, you are likely to come across a highly qualified staff that has managed to adopt a professional, yet caring approach towards our students. We care for the well-being of our students and for this reason; we are ready to assist them with nothing but the best!

  • Locations open in three world-class cities Halifax, Ottawa and Toronto

We are the fastest growing school in Canada with three new locations open in three world-class cities within a decade.


Studying at CLLC means that you belong to more than a school. You belong to a family.

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