2 Reasons Why CLLC’s Homestay is Great

2 Reasons Why CLLC’s Homestay is Great


My name is Maya Modzynski, I am the Homestay and Activities Counsellor here at CLLC Toronto.

I first began working for CLLC in the beginning of Summer 2017. When I started, I felt scared about being in a brand new place with brand new people; it made me very nervous! I felt unsure of myself or if I was doing the right thing in this new position, and I know that people were relying on me.

However, anytime that I had these feelings of uncertainty, they always quickly disappeared; this was because the students and staff at CLLC were always so supportive!

With the encouragement of the people around me, I learned very quickly that my job can be tough, but incredibly rewarding.  Students look to me to find a great match in a host family. Host families rely on me to make sure that I am available for contact if they ever have any questions about their students.

As for the staff, we are all an important part of making sure that the student is getting all of their needs met while they attend our school. Every single member of CLLC works in different departments in order to create a whole experience for the student, but we cannot succeed in these departments without one another.

And so, I learned two things over the summer:

1) It’s okay to feel nervous about new surroundings and people, this is a natural part of making a great change in your life! If you have supportive people around you, you will realize that you’ve made a great choice
2) The support that I have received at CLLC means that I can succeed in making students and host families happy!

To learn more about the homestay program at CLLC, please click here.

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