CLLC students receive a superior quality of English language education by teachers who have extensive knowledge and expertise in their field of English as Another Language (EAL) . Thanks to this dedication to quality, CLLC is accredited by Languages Canada and Edunova. CLLC is also a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) as recognized by the Ontario and Nova Scotia ministries of education.



At CLLC, all of our campuses are held to the same standards. All of our staff and teachers are Canadian-based and are trained, certified, and qualified to teach English as a Second Language. Our staff and teachers care about the educational goals of our students and we support each and every one of them along the way. Additionally, we have many wonderful partnerships with colleges and universities across Canada.

Course Start Dates & Class Sizes

CLLC’s classes start every Monday except the last week of the year to celebrate the holiday season. If Monday falls on a national holiday, the class will start the following day on Tuesday.

There will be a maximum of 15 students per class. However, the average class size is ten students per class.

Blended Learning

Students can also join CLLC’s Online Live Classes before or after travelling to CLLC Halifax, CLLC Toronto, or CLLC Ottawa. Blended learning offers students the flexibility of completing part of their program in person and online. CLLC’s program, curriculum, materials, policy, and culture are the same at all of our campuses.

Certifications, Weekly Graduations and Monthly Awards

All CLLC’s graduates will receive a certification of participation or certificate of completion.
CLLC’s weekly celebrations create an immersive learning and social experience. These celebrations allow us the opportunity to highlight student achievements and successes.

Academic Success

CLLC supports students in their academic journey. They provide support for students in many different areas, including:
1- Placement Test
2- Weekly Tests and Assessments
3- Monthly Reports
4- Move-Up Tests
5- Critical Care Academic Plan
6- Plagiarism and Cheating Policies
Please see student contract for more information.

Curriculum & Instructional Methods

Our curriculum is integrated and synchronous at all of our campuses. For example, if a student from Ottawa in Level 4 – chapter 6 comes to CLLC Halifax campus, the very next week the student can start in Level 4 – chapter 7 without missing any material.

This allows students to experience life in diverse cities throughout Canada without disrupting their academic progress. Following EAL learning principles, instructors use a variety of teaching methods and resources that are learner-centred and adaptive so that students learn experientially as well as cognitively. Incorporating multimedia, slide shows, group work, presentations, and role playing into the classroom experience are some of the ways teachers enhance students’ learning.

At CLLC we are committed to our students’ success. Those who require more than 10- weeks to fulfill the benchmarks of their current level may continue to study at that level until all benchmarks have been met. Therefore, students are not asked to repeat an entire level.

Books & Course Materials

At CLLC, we use customized textbooks. Students are able to access additional resources and course content. Students will have access to their Books and e-Labs online.

CLLC’s textbooks and custom curriculum are the result of 15 years of teacher expertise, industry knowledge, and feedback from students just like you. They combine the best in EAL education while still allowing students to learn the fundamental skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. CLLC teachers are highly skilled at presenting book material at the right level at the right pace for students. This means you’ll learn the material faster and will retain it longer.

What to Expect on Your First Day

1 - Students will receive a welcome email prior to their start date with a schedule for their first day and new student paperwork that will need to be completed and returned.
2 - Students will meet with the Academic Manager to complete a placement assessment (interview and written test). This assessment takes about 2 hours total to complete.
3 - Students will meet with the campus Team for orientation. During orientation, students will learn how to access the campus facilities and school policies. In addition, new students will enjoy a tour to discover the school location and the nearby amenities.
Finally, at the end of the first school day, you will have a coffee conversation to meet with CLLC's old and new students to make great friendships that will last for a lifetime.
4 - Students will be sent their assessment results, textbooks and schedule to begin their classes the next day.

Student Expectations

1. Cell phones are not permitted in class unless approved by a teacher.
2. Students must own textbooks (in the proper edition) and have access to them in class.
3. A minimum of 160 class hours are needed to qualify for a move up test.
4. Students must be on time for class. If students are more than 10 minutes late, they will not be able to join their class. However, they are welcome to attend the next class.
5. Students are expected to attend and participate in classes, do homework and assignments, and study for tests.

Culture & Communication

We are not just a school, we are a family made up of professionals who are caring, compassionate, positive, proactive, innovative, collaborative, enthusiastic, honest, and loyal. We know each of our students and their stories and we work together to give them the best overall experience.

We make time to get back to our students within the same day and we give our students the time to express themselves so they feel confident in themselves.

We have different online placement tests for different programs. Please Contact one of our Team to create an online placement test account and schedule a test in the coming days.