Learn English Speaking

Learn English Speaking

Is speaking particularly difficult for you? There are many ways to practice your speaking skills specifically.

Conversation Circles are a great way to practice speaking with other people in a casual setting. Many community centres, religious buildings, and public libraries have conversation circles on specific nights of the week.

Language exchanges are also a great way to practice speaking. You can use apps and websites such as meetup and other services to socialize with people who share your interests, or to just practice speaking English with people outside of a school or workplace environment.
There are also many language learning apps that are available for a small price or free. My personal favourite free app is duolingo. It focuses on all four language skills, but it will not let you move forward until you are able to get the pronunciation of a word right, so it is great for practicing speaking.

If you want to focus on pronunciation of difficult sounds, using an International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) chart is a great way to focus on specific sounds that are difficult for you. There are some great interactive charts online, such as this one from York University.
If you find yourself in a new city, guided walking tours are a great way to practice speaking and listening as well as learning useful information about the city and some interesting history as well.

Practicing English speaking can give you an opportunity to be creative! Taking an acting class, or memorizing dialogue is a great way to practice speaking. Poetry and music usually have rhymes, so it’s also a great way to practice getting the pronunciation of specific vowels or consonants right.

The most important way to learn speaking is just to practice as much as you can, and to treat mistakes as learning opportunities instead of failures. Accurate speaking and pronunciation can be difficult, but with practice, you will improve quickly.

Sara Rizza

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