The Canadian Language Learning College (CLLC) was founded in 2005 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It remains the fastest growing school in Canada with three new locations open in three world-class cities within a decade.

CLLC is also recognized and associated with top educational organizations nationally and internationally, and maintains partnerships with over 40 university and college partners.

CLLC Toronto is CLLC’s only self-owned building. It is located on the corner of the luxurious neighbourhood of Lawrence and Avenue. With three floors, state of the art engineering, and a real boutique feel, CLLC Toronto is comfortable, modern, and the perfect environment to learn English. 10 bright classrooms are available for students within the 10,000 square foot campus with pleasant surroundings and functional, yet beautiful, Canadian made furniture.
CLLC Ottawa is located on Preston St. in “Little Italy” on the west side of the city. It’s only a minute’s walk from some of the most up market cafe’s and restaurants in the city. The campus itself is 8000 square feet and holds 10 mid-sized classrooms. The decor is modern and all the usual student amenities are available including a comfortable student lounge, WIFI access, and iPad’s for general and school use.
CLLC Halifax enjoys all the luxuries of CLLC Ottawa and CLLC Toronto, but with the added distinction of bordering the Atlantic Ocean. CLLC Halifax is nestled in downtown Halifax and is only minutes from the famous waterfront boardwalk, numerous restaurants, and cafe’s, as well as a vibrant student life.

The campus itself is 20,000 square feet and holds 18 large classrooms. Halifax is home to three nationally ranked universities and colleges and is ideal for students looking pursue higher education.

Fly Free with CLLC

Besides what every campus and city have to offer on their own, CLLC’s “Fly Free” Promotion allows students to explore all three cities during their experience.

Enjoying all three campuses without having to pay second application fees, homestay fees, or textbook fees, and not even missing a single lesson in the transition. In fact, CLLC will pay a travel subsidy of up to $250 if a student studies for more than 24 paid weeks and if no other promotion(s) were applied. Arrangements must be made at least 8 weeks prior to travel and approved by management for reimbursement.

CLLC’s curriculum is the perfect match for the student who wants to explore all three of CLLC’s home cities and we invite you to inquire now.