Study English in Toronto

Study English in Toronto

There are many alternatives to studying English in a traditional class setting, and Toronto is filled with opportunities to learn English in a unique way outside of school.

One way to study English in Toronto is to utilize the amazing apps and websites that many people use daily, such as Meetup, a great program that allows you to find people who share your interests, so you can practice English as well as have fun doing your favourite activities. Meetup has many events exclusively for practicing languages, so if you want to focus only on those skills, you can do that too.

A language exchange is another way to study a language. Take advantage of living in a large city with many spoken languages! Maybe your first language is Japanese, and you want to practice your English, and a native Torontonian wants to practice their Japanese with a native Japanese speaker. Perfect! You can do a language exchange either on Meetup, by finding a Facebook group, or maybe by going on

A “conversation café” is another way to study English outside of a classroom. Many religious buildings host drop-in conversation classes that you can join for free to practice speaking and listening. It also a wonderful way to meet people in your community who share your faith.
If you do not practice a religion, or maybe you just want another option, Toronto Public Library offers conversation circles and other language programs. If you go to the 5th floor of the Toronto Reference Library (a wonderful library and a Toronto landmark), you can find the Language Centre, where you can study and practice English and other languages.

If you feel like you would benefit from a more private setting, one-on-one tutoring is available at CLLC to interested students, where you can work on the specific skills that you struggle with.

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