How to Speak English Fluently

How to Speak English Fluently

Becoming fluent in another language is an incredible accomplishment. It means that you’ve committed to an arduous task, you’ve put in the hours & you’ve demonstrated a tremendous amount of patience. However, no one ever said this would be an easy undertaking. As an ESL teacher, I’ve found that the tips below are the most effective ways on how to speak English more fluently:

1. Set small goals for yourself: This is a fantastic way to monitor improvement and get results. Goals are all about knowing what’s best for you. Think about the learning methods that have been most successful for you in the past and apply them to your current situation with your short term goals in mind. On a calendar at home, write down a few milestones that you would like to reach by certain dates such as learning ten new vocabulary words this week, or mastering 5 commonly used expressions are a great way to reach your short term goals faster.

2. Practice! Practice! Practice! It’s true what they say “Practice Makes Perfect!”. Try to use English whenever & wherever you can. It’s as simple as that! The more you speak, the better at it you’ll become and the easier it will become for you to use. Also, don’t translate into English from your own language. This is a common practice with many students. The more you convert your thinking to English, the better your fluency will become.

3. Learning to speak: English fluently entails much more than simply speaking words. It involves a whole array of non-verbal cues.  A great way to observer this is to watch movies in English. Also, watch movies rather than TV. It’s better to use something that you can watch over again to catch information you might have missed the first time. You will be able to see how native English speakers use the language paired with their non-verbal expressions, tone of voice, inflections and so on.

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