Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

Congratulations, you’ve completed your program and are now looking forward to taking the next step towards building the future that you’ve been dreaming of. For most immigrants, finding a job is the next logical step towards creating a life in Canada. We’re going to help guide you through what you need in order to find a job in Canada.

To start there are a few questions that you are going to need to ask yourself:

– Are you eligible to work in Canada?
– What type of work are you looking for and are these types of work in demand?
– What skills are required?

Let’s elaborate here a little.

First things first, you are going to need to ensure that you are legally eligible to work in Canada. We recommend that you review the conditions for working in Canada that are established by IRCC by taking a look at their website:

If you still have questions about the legal status of working in Canada, we recommend that you contact a licensed immigration consultant.

Now that you have confirmed your eligibility to work in Canada you’re going to need to conduct a needs analysis. Start by asking yourself what types of work you’re interested in make a list of the types of jobs available in Canada. Once you’ve identified the types of jobs in Canada that you’re interest in, you are going to need to explore the market to determine if these types of work are in demand in Canada.

There are lots of great search engines available online for navigating job postings. We suggest that you start with the Government of Canada’s JobBank. Link:

Review the job postings for the positions that you’re interested in. We suggest that you cast your net wide to start with as many jobs as possible and then narrow it down as you go. Make a list of the skills that are required for each of the positions. Identify how your experience matches the skills that the potential employer is looking for and use these skills to build your resume. With some hard work and determination, you’ll be getting calls for job interviews very soon!

Dale Corley

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