A Victory of Justice

CLLC’s Partnership with Jerome Morse Leads to Significant Settlement

In the dynamic and intricate world of Toronto’s legal landscape, the successful partnership between Jerome Morse and the CLLC stands as a beacon of perseverance and legal prowess. Jerome Morse, a seasoned Certified Specialist in Civil Litigation and esteemed Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, has recently marked a significant achievement—a substantial settlement negotiated on behalf of CLLC, concluding an intense 12-year legal battle that Jerome took over 4 years ago.

The case, which pitted CLLC against a robust adversary and their insurance company, was a labyrinth of complex legal challenges and unforeseen developments. It was through these twists and turns that Morse’s exceptional expertise, strategic insight, and compelling negotiation tactics came to the forefront, leading to a triumph in the mediation process.

Initially, the mediation efforts fell short of CLLC’s expectations. However, Morse’s dedication and superior legal skills ensured a second mediation session would not end in vain. This tenacity paid off, and CLLC was pleased to announce a considerable settlement, signifying the culmination of a prolonged and exhausting legal fight.

Long before this landmark case, Morse’s reputation as a skilled and resolute litigator was firmly established, with his history of representing clients with distinction in various complex civil litigation matters.

Operating from the heart of Toronto, Morse Shannon LLP—where Jerome Morse practices—stands ready to address a wide spectrum of legal issues, ranging from commercial and  insurance disputes to personal injury claims.

Jerome Morse is the epitome of what one seeks in a legal advocate: profound knowledge, an engaging courtroom presence, and an unwavering commitment to his clients’ interests. His expertise and dedication are what set him apart in the field of legal representation.

Contact Information:
Jerome Morse
Certified Specialist in Civil Litigation

Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers  

Direct Line: 416‑941‑5867  

J R. Morse Professional Corporation  

133 Richmond St. West, Suite 501, Toronto, Ontario M5H 2L3  

Tel: 416‑863‑1230 | 1‑888‑745‑1230 | Fax: 416‑863‑1241


CLLC is immensely proud to share our story of legal triumph and extend our sincerest thanks to Jerome Morse and his dedicated team for their exceptional service and commitment. This journey to a successful resolution is a testament to what can be accomplished through expert knowledge and a collaborative approach to legal challenges.

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