Whether you are currently studying English, or you are finished your program and looking for work, Toronto is a great place to be. Toronto is the economic heart of Canada, and in a city of over 2.8 million people, there are many opportunities to be found. If you are wondering about where or how to start, there are many ways to approach job hunting in the city.

Work While You Study

If you are enrolled in an English language program in a private or funded school and you have an appropriate visa, you are legally able to work 20 hours per week. There are many jobs in Toronto that offer flexible hours that can accommodate a busy school schedule. Toronto is a service-driven economy, so many students choose to work in retail shops, restaurants, drive for companies like Uber or Lyft, or other service-based jobs. Working jobs like these are great because you can often choose or negotiate your own schedule.

If you are enrolled in a Canadian college or university, you can work directly on campus, or find a job outside of campus through your school’s job board. You may even be able to find a position that is directly related to your field of study this way!

Job Services

In a city the size of Toronto, there is a lot of access to employment services. Aside from searching for jobs online, local libraries offer a place to work on your job search or take an instructional class. You can also go to Employment Ontario to get assistance on finding a position that is suited to your needs. The local community centre or YMCA in your neighbourhood can also assist with finding a job, and it’s never a bad idea to look up job fairs and networking events to get in touch with people working in your chosen industry.

Sara Rizza