Akademik Yönergeler


On your first day of school, you will complete a placement test and you will be interviewed to determine your level.
Because of nerves, your test results may not reflect your ability. Don’t worry. Your teachers will speak with you if they believe you would belong in to another level.


CLLC is an English-only school. However, CLLC provides individual language assistance in an office, away from the common student areas,  to meet the needs of a more serious situation. Here, a student would be allowed to speak their first language in order to express their needs (with staff only, in a designated office).



Monday classes allow teachers to take up the weekly test, review difficult material from the past week,  introduce the upcoming week’s topic in a fun and interesting way, or  customize the class to meet some specific goals.



Every Friday you will have a test. During the week you will learn new grammar, vocabulary, and other skills. The weekly test gives you a chance to practice and apply everything you have learned that week. It also gives you and your teachers a chance to check your progress.



Each month you will receive a report for the previous month. These reports contain the average grades for Attendance, Homework, Assignments, and Tests, in addition to an overall letter grade and percentage (e.g. 75% = B), including teacher comments.


İntihal, başkasının sözlerini veya fikirlerini kendinizinki gibi kullanmak anlamına gelir. CLLC dahil Kanada okullarında bu ciddi bir suç olarak kabul edilir. Başkalarının sözlerini veya fikirlerini doğru bir şekilde nasıl aktaracağınızı öğreneceksiniz. İntihal yaptıysanız, öğretmeniniz:

  • Sizinle bunun hakkında konuşun ve sizden işi yeniden yapmanızı isteyecek
  • Give you ‘0’ on the assignment, depending on how much of it was plagiarized, and you may be asked to speak with your Academic Manager
  • Sizden Akademik Yöneticiniz ve Kampüs Direktörünüzle bir Deneme Süreli Toplantısına katılmanızı isteyin

At this meeting, the consequences of plagiarizing will be discussed. You may be placed on academic probation, or you may attend a remedial class, or be asked to move down a level. 


Like plagiarism, cheating on tests is considered a serious offence.Cheating includes but is not limited to copying from the Internet, using electronics such as a translator, writing out answers ahead of time, a piece of paper, or by willingly sharing your answers with another student.

1st Offence - Your teacher will ask to speak with you after class and you will be asked to rewrite the test 2nd Offence - You will receive a “zero” on your test 3rd Offence - You will attend a Probationary Meeting with your Academic Manager and Campus Director where the consequences of your cheating will be discussed

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A minimum of 160 class hours are needed to qualify for a Move Up test. You may miss 3 classes per month, with permission. If you need to miss more than 3 classes, you will be asked to send an email to your Academic Manager....

who will excuse you from class. Without these emails, you will be marked absent and will lose your attendance marks.


You will be able to attend class if you are less than 10 minutes late. If you are more than 10 minutes late, please review and study until your next class. Please do not ask your teacher if you can enter....

If you have a good reason for being late, then please send your Academic Manager an email. He or she will give you permission to enter class.


The CCAP is CLLC!s unique plan to support you if you need more time to meet the requirements to move up to the next level. You will meet with your Academic Manager to discuss a plan to help you achieve your goals. This plan will help you move up to the next level. In addition to the plan you will need to:

• En az% 75 katılım sağlayın • Tüm ödevlerinizi tamamlayın • Akademik Müdürünüzün size verdiği ek çalışmaları tamamlayın • İlerlemenizi tartışmak için haftalık Akademik Müdürünüzle görüşün * Bu koşulları karşılamamak sizi akademik deneme süresine sokabilir


You are expected to attend all classes, do your homework and study for tests. The passing grade is $B” or 75% on all tests and assignments. The failing grade is $F” or 55%. Your Academic Manager will meet with you if you receive a grade of $C” on your monthly report.....

If you receive a failing grade of “F” 2 months in a row you will be asked to meet your Academic Manager and sign a Probationary Contract. If you are struggling at your level, please speak with your teachers.


Depending on the number of students, you may be in one of 3 schedules. If you would like to change your schedule, please speak with your Academic Manager. You may also ask to change your class or teacher. Your Academic Manager will meet with you to discuss available options. All schedule and class changes are made at the beginning of the week and cannot be done midweek. CLLC also has 3 policies regarding class combinations or closures:


İki Sınıfı Birleştirmek

If a class is at the same level and period, has 4 or fewer students for 2 weeks consecutively, and is combinable with another class in the same campus, that class will be combined.


Bir Dersi Kapatmak

IIf a class has 4 or fewer students for 2 weeks consecutively it will be closed if there is space at the same level in a different shift in the same campus


Bir Sınıfı Bölme

If a class is at 100% capacity for 2 consecutive weeks, the Academic Manager will determine if there is space in another class in the same campus and same period, to accommodate the overflow from the L/S & R/W classes.

Plus One/English Conversation

Plus One/English Conversation cover a range of topics to suit all needs and abilities.


You cannot use cell phones in class unless approved by your teacher. If you disrupt the class by using your phone in any way, your teacher will ask you to put it away. If you continue to use your phone, you will be asked to speak with your Academic Manager. If you need to keep your cell phone on for an important reason, please put your phone on vibrate. When you receive the call, quietly leave the class and return to class when finished.


You must own CLLC textbooks (in the proper edition) and bring them to every class. In class they are used as both a textbook and a workbook. You are not permitted to bring a used textbook to class unless it has no writing in it. Any used  textbook must be approved by your Academic Manager.


Generally, you will be one of the 95% of CLLC students that spends up to 10 weeks in each level. This allows you time to develop the skills for your next level. However, you can write the Move Up test at any time, once per level. You will write the Move Up test on a Friday and will receive notice of your mark by the following Friday.

We have different online placement tests for different programs. Please Contact one of our Team to create an online placement test account and schedule a test in the coming days.