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The Beginning: Before I answer the question, “Why CLLC?”, please let me share the story of how I became an international student.

It all started in 2004, as a young Saudi Arabian leading 2000+ people in a renowned international company. Charged by the slogan, “How much is too much?”, I made the decision to start a new life in Canada, disregarding the fear that this was going to be very difficult, particularly because my parents and siblings wouldn’t visit me as they were all well-established. Coming from such a big family made me recognize that I would miss them very much while enjoying my new adventure.

My Second Family:

 Once I established CLLC, the fear of missing my biological family helped me innovate CLLC’s comprehensive Human Resource system to something that I believe is the cornerstone of CLLC’s vision- a family, the CLLC team.

The first show of the family spirit follows an unforgettable experience that saw my wife shed tears of joy. This was after the great people of this “second” family got together and threw an unforgettable baby shower surprise party for her at our home. This beautiful act was enough evidence that my dream had come true.

150 Years of Experience: 

While I am very proud of all my accomplishments and creations, I am totally humbled by the opportunity to grow together with the CLLC family, and mark this as my greatest accomplishment. Researching a total of 150+ years of cumulative international education and customer service experience, it’s been rewarding over the years to attend each other’s weddings, see our kids grow, move to bigger homes, and comfort each other during difficult days within the CLLC team. 

My Vision: 

My vision for CLLC has always been to create a boutique school where every student was known by name and treated singularly. In many circumstances, treating each student as a priority would be very challenging. However, CLLC’s team has made it easy.

The hallmark of CLLC’s hiring philosophy is discovering the personal values of interviewees and matching them to CLLC’s vision. Once a new team member is selected, the link between their tasks and the CLLC vision is clear. Also, each CLLC manager is trained to follow a “Feel-Check-Do” process. They do the small things right to help CLLC “Delight its staff, to WOW its students”.

CLLC Culture: The development of CLLC’s culture has superimposed my slogan, “How much is too much?”, making it a springboard for my Succession Plan. I intend to focus on innovations, offer my MBA In One Day, and, most importantly, grow my private foundation, Ikhwan Al-Safa, which will help the needy and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. This is my passion, and I look forward to making the world a better place.

Caring & Professional

It is very rare to find these two positive core values in one place. At CLLC, we managed to make this happen.

First Time Travellers

Are you a parent sending your child overseas for the first time?
Are you a student travelling overseas for the first time?
Well, at CLLC, nothing is more important to CLLC than a student’s well-being.

Leaving home is exciting, but there are also many challenges. It’s not easy being away from home, speaking a new language, living in a different culture and trying to make new friends. CLLC’s staff knows what this feels like, as most of them have had this experience.CLLC staff understand there’s a lot to learn; the culture, food, the health care system, living arrangements, transit details, the list goes on and on.

 That’s why CLLC’s team guides student’s through their home away from home.
They start by providing a detailed orientation that teaches all about Canadian culture and will answer all questions about life in a new country. All campus teams have an “open door” policy. This means they’re always available if student’s need them. 

We guarantee their approachability from the first moment through the doors. Finally, each campus creates a family feeling by recognizing outstanding students, celebrating birthdays, having potlucks, sending flowers to students who are sick, and inviting alumni on school activities. We hope everyone is proud to attend CLLC. We belong to something greater than a school.
We belong to a family


At CLLC, our biggest joy comes from welcoming students from around the world. Not only does each CLLC campus benefit from the richness of cultures, opinions and life experiences of every new student, but by bringing together students of all backgrounds, religions and personal histories each and every class becomes a chance to learn not only English, but about one another.





Life Experience 35%

University Bound 45%

Professionals 20%


Male 45%

Female 55%


Toronto | Ottawa | Halifax

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90+ Nationalities: Diversity leads
to a better classroom experience



% Students by Region

33% – ASIA
11% – EUROPE

Base on 2019 number

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Student Services

All CLLC campuses provide students with specialized services and support. CLLC’s staff is a great mix of enthusiastic.Canadian and international people who all share a connection to international travel, work and education. CLLC’s team welcomes students like you from around the world and helps facilitate positive and successful experiences. Your time at CLLC not only improves student education, it changes student lives!


New Student Orientation

Every new student to CLLC enjoys a full morning of learning about CLLC and everything it has to offer them. Details are provided about daily schedules, activities, transportation, and much more.


Academic Advising & Testing

Every new student to CLLC also enjoys an interview and the chance to test their language skills in a written test, to ensure they're put in the right level.


Social & Cultural Activities

CLLC's Activity program helps you improve your English in a fun and relaxed environment. CLLC Activities take place 7 days / week and are led by a dedicated CLLC staff member.



CLLC has an "open door" policy and staff are always ready to lend an ear. Whether issues are academic or personal, CLLC staff are always happy to sit down, listen, and help where possible.



At CLLC you have the option of living in a homestay, a residence, or on your own. CLLC's Homestay staff can help you explore each option to ensure your accommodations in Toronto, Ottawa or Halifax



CLLC's Admissions team can help you enroll your students and ensure they start on the right date to graduate on time.

We have different online placement tests for different programs. Please Contact one of our Team to create an online placement test account and schedule a test in the coming days.