At CLLC, students receive the highest quality English language education possible.
Our teachers are professionals who hold Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees along with CELTA qualifications and our custom curriculum was expertly created with Oxford University Press.  Thanks to this dedication to quality, CLLC is accredited by Languages Canada and Edunova. CLLC is also a Designated Learning Institution as recognized by the Ontario and Nova Scotia ministries of education.

General English

CLLC’s flexible, student-centred General English Program has six levels, from Beginner to Advanced. You’ll enjoy Reading & Writing and Listening & Speaking classes, where the focus is on key academic skills improved through CLLC’s customized curriculum. Learn new skills through thematic units that highlight reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities. Finishing Level 6 General English should give you the equivalent of a 6.0 IELTS based on Canadian Language Benchmarks.

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This program develops five key skills:










Critical Thinking

Pathway Program

Our pathway program ensures students are well prepared for university life in Canada. This academic-based program focuses on time management, note-taking, exam preparation, academic presentations, and essay writing. Students who complete the UPP in any of our three cities can continue onto one of our partner universities or colleges without writing an English language proficiency exam.

Pathway Program 1

Complete Pathways in any CLLC city and continue  to one of CLLC’s partner colleges that only require a 6.0 IELTS equivalent.

Pathway Program 2

Complete Pathways in any CLLC city and continue  to one of CLLC’s partner colleges that only require a 6.5 IELTS equivalent.

Pathway 1 & 2 Lengths

Entry IELTSCLLC Entry LevelWeeks to Complete Pathway 1Weeks to Complete Pathway 2
0-3Level 1 (10 weeks)60 weeks70 weeks
3.5Level 2 (10 weeks)50 weeks60 weeks
4.0Level 3 (10 weeks)40 weeks50 weeks
4.5Level 4 (10 weeks)30 weeks40 weeks
5.0Level 5 (10 weeks)20 weeks30 weeks
5.5Level 6 (10 weeks)
10 weeks20 weeks
6.0Level 7 (10 weeks)
N/A10 weeks

Business English

CLLC’s Business English course uses business case studies that are directly related to the real business world. Each business case study covers a specialized area of business practice.

Participants will:

Work in groups to develop solutions to the specific problems posed by each case study

Prepare either group or individual presentations of conclusions to the problems posed by each case study

Learn new business vocabulary, target language, and grammar

Write reports, emails, and letters setting out conclusions from the case studies


CLLC’s full and part-time IELTS exam preparation courses are designed to give students the skills, techniques and knowledge needed to exceed exam goals. CLLC teachers focus in-depth on the modules of the IELTS exam to make sure students know what to expect when taking an IELTS test. CLLC’s IELTS & TOEFL Preparation course is 10 weeks of intense focus on how to be successful on the IELTS or TOEFL tests. Students practice all parts of the test and prepare to exceed exam expectations. These courses are designed to give students the skills, techniques, and knowledge needed to exceed their exam goals.
Students need to be in a minimum of Level 4 General English to enrol in the IELTS and TOEFL class.

Groups & Summer Camps

CLLC’s Group / Summer Camp Program is designed for students who want to make new friends, explore different places, and create lasting memories. This program is offered in all two CLLC cities: Ottawa and Halifax. Each city offers students unforgettable adventures and social activities throughout the summer and winter months.
CLLC offers special group rates for groups of more than 5 students. Customized programs and flexible schedules are available based on group requirements. Chaperones are welcome. The minimum age is 14 with a chaperone and 16 without. Please contact us


Women's Conversation


New student Orientation


IELTS Preparation



Plus One

Plus One is a CLLC trademarked program designed to give students the opportunity to customize their own learning. Students are empowered to tailor their academic needs and interests into an individualized learning plan. Each Plus One topic is two weeks in length, so each student gets the chance to study many different topics during their study period.

We have different online placement tests for different programs. Please Contact one of our Team to create an online placement test account and schedule a test in the coming days.